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  • I signed Wesleyan up for a del.icio.us account with the purpose of replacing the Wes in the News page within the Communications site.

    That archive is currently run with channelmaker, several skeletons, and templates, and is only used on that page. There is a separate channel for the headlines that Media Relations puts on the homepage. The homepage-news channel is not archived anywhere and usually links to external stories (not always).

    By using del.icio.us (or another social bookmarking site), we can tag stories and multipurpose them. Here is an example of the RSS feed of the WesleyanInTheNews del.icio.us user being formatted and put into the Communications design template.

    Additionally, the same pool of stories could be tagged with TopStories, and that feed (limited to a certain number of stories) could be pulled onto the Wesleyan homepage.

    One drawback for the homepage would be ordering. Currently, Media Relations can specify in what order the stories appear, not always does the newest story warrant top billing.

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